Gender equality? More like the revenge of feminists.

In a world where women can act on stages, drive (at least in most countries), vote, and somehow be respected for being an acknowledged human being, we women have managed to commit the biggest mistake one could make: do what was done to us to others.

Despite our good intention to “reinforce girl power”, we have alienated ourselves even more from men, forcing them to accept our legitimate place in society. Sure, most men still have this preconceived idea of male superiority (which, let’s be honest, is not unwelcome for their ego). But there is no such thing that justifies women forcing men into accepting another school of thought. Force is never the solution. It only nurtures a deep sentiment of anger, similar to what women were feeling when being dominated by men and which eventually led them into starting a massive revolution sprouting groups like the Suffragette movement.

Women are right to defend themselves. They are right to assume their eligibility into a modern society. But what I personally don’t get are the women who belittle men. This is what i am criticising in this article. Women who act like those they are fighting against. Sure, we haven’t reached the level of moral, physical and legal persecution men had on us, but some of us are moving towards this direction. And we need to stop it right now.

This fight to belittle men and try to dominate them is as bad as men doing the same on women. Extremists cloak this idea underneath the term ‘gender equality’. This is far from promoting equality. This is stupid and shallow. I am not a feminist. Or a male chauvinist. I defend human equality. We should look at both sides. Most women’s rage blinds them, and while they grow confident about their position in society, some of them grow overconfident and assume that they are better than men. Although i do not support the concept of superiority, i guess if we adopt this school of thought, it wouldn’t seem untrue if we said that an individual’s ‘superiority’ is based on how he treats his neighbour.

In a world where communication is easy, where liberty of expression is highly encouraged, we should all stick together and be united. Not as men and women. But as human beings. No one is better than the other. Neither men over women nor women over men.

Let’s focus on more pressing matters shall we? Like child exploitation or animal torture. Our actions should be driven by our humanity. Not by our sexual identity.