Money money money. Must be funny. In a rich man’s world.

Money has crushed all aspects of principles and values that were ever put in place in our society. And although it is an over-talked issue, I have realized that nothing is being done against it. As a young adult, I just left school and got exposed to the whole universe of university application, job interviews and, as much as I hate saying this, the hypocrisy of some “Non-profit” organizations. Gone are the times where altruistic actions were rewarded by genuine gratitude. Instead, money always ends up sneaking its way in, finding an excuse or a justification for somehow overshadowing the real motivations of volunteers who started as being real goodies, but end up swimming in deep-settled greed.

Having been conditioned into respecting certain morals, preached by the ever present media and the Bibble and Babble of family members, I built a strong ethical mind about how any good action is returned by another good one. Karma as they say, or human kindness. But as I finished school, I have been attending several university fairs and conferences, going to meetings and counseling sessions, been drenched in hundreds of freshly printed and colorful pamphlets boasting about the ‘exhilarating environment’ and ‘top-notch’ education quality some university offers. However, the font size used to display the annual fees are much smaller. Not the fees, but the font. Indeed, the thing that most universities won’t point out is how a tertiary education has nearly doubled, targeting internationals to fill in their pockets, seeing us as money-makers instead of the f*cking future generation of leaders and inventors and manufacturers who need training in order to take the reigns in the near future. No, they don’t care about what we can offer but about what we can pay. You can’t pay for college? Apply for a scholarship, along with the other 100 000 something internationals who also are dead-anxious about their uncertain future. There is no logical equality. Free schooling they say, free transport, free food, but no free future. Work hard they say, you’ll be rewarded. Rewarded with stress and uncertainty and a deep feeling of unfairness is more like it.

I’m not saying all universities are evil masterminds. But they are demanding. Education shouldn’t even have to be paid for in the first place. Education is the passing of knowledge. How is one more eligible to inherit knowledge than someone else?  The differential of social class or social background is invalid, illogical, and highly irrelevant.

Worst of all is the whole Mauritian mindset of ‘backing’ which falls directly into the corruption furry ball. I want to apply to a job and get accepted because of my merits, not because I am the cousin of someone’s step-daughter. This situation got so bad that i was even told, by several people, that backing is the only way to get a job or a promotion. And that I have no choice or equal alternative to it. This is ridiculous. How do you expect to maintain an up-and-running system of quality if all you do is backing up stupid lazy-tards with more family members than one could count. And how do you expect to work with qualified and trained colleagues or employees if their only talent is negotiating the extra money paid to have reached where they are. Send them to a hostage hold-up or to the Port Louis bazaar, at least their ‘negotiation’ will do some good for the society.