Wanna get in shape? Don’t stop eating!

Most of us nowadays are more health-conscious. But well, we’re also liars. We also want to get hot.

Thing is, there are good and bad ways to get hot. People tend to be ignorant whenever diet or exercise is concerned.

First thing, do not stop eating! Drastic changes in your diet will only confuse your body and cause all sorts of deficiencies (B12 deficiency, immuno deficiency, anemia, heart disease, among others). Eat the right things. Plan your diet, balance it with all the required nutrients. That is, fibres, cholesterol, omega 3, vitamins, particularly B12 (if you decide to become vegan). Personally i did that mistake. I thought, if I ate less, I’d gain less weight. I’d lose that belly. But no. It only makes you feel drowsy and groggy. You lose energy and it slows down your mental capacity. People around you will also get worried since it looks like you’re starving yourself…only to swallow a whole hamburger when nobody’s watching.

Finally I’ve realized that I need to carefully choose what to put in my body. And eat lots of fruits and veggies…since I’ve chosen to become a vegan. Not one of those preachy ones (it’s okay if you’re one). I’ll leave one day for me to eat anything (meat, cheese, whatever) and the remaining 6 days of the week will be totally vegan. I personally do this because I really need to get in shape. I’m not fat or anorexic but I feel that my health isn’t great and if I want to feel good in my mind, I need to feel good in my body. Of course, it won’t be easy. I actually haven’t told my family yet. Pretty difficult task, they do not like changes…and are most likely to laugh at me and bet I wouldn’t be able to handle a week of vegan diet. But I want to be healthy. And funny thing, they’re the ones criticizing me for not eating enough veggies. When I decide to listen, they refuse to believe it. Well well well, I wonder how they’ll react. The tough thing maybe will be when I’ll go to restaurants or hang out with friends. I’ve read articles where some vegans shared their discomfort at having to be some sort of inconvenience to friends if they’re invited to dinner. It’s also hard for me because I just love cooking. And if I cut off cheese and meat and butter from my diet, it will restrict (by a lot) the choices I have in my recipe books (thank goodness there are vegan ones) Being vegan may seem unhealthy to many. But if you know how to handle the diet, it is perfectly fine, and healthy. You need to do lots of research if you’re serious about it. For those who don’t know about it, vegans need to provide sources of: Vitamin B12, Iodine, Vitamin D and Omega 3.

And if you don’t want to look too skinny, balance it with proteins and healthy fats. Personally, doing regular exercise is crucial to really be in shape (still looking for a good gym). But in the meantime, trying to work out at home.

Well, I think it’s pretty much all of what I have to say for today.

Have a great day 🙂