Virtual Stupidity

I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. What is the fuss about virtual relationships nowadays? It is the biggest bullshit i’ve ever heard.

Virtual relationships? Okay.

But considering this any close to being a real one? Please.

The popularity of Facebook has led people into cultivating a whole new concept of social interactions. And human beings, being the usual ‘intelligent’ race out there which doesn’t cease to prove the contrary, has established that annoying ideology of the legitimatisation of virtual relationships. Let’s be honest, no one gives a fuck about that. No one is really honest. The only ones who are honest are the brainwashed girls à-la-Disney who have the pre-conceived idea of True love being out there and virtual relationships facilitating their oh-so-not-true belief that Prince Charming-pants is waiting for them. And of course, this is heaven-on-earth for all puber-shy guys with a still undeveloped voice, to exploit those girls and make them show their body parts or lure them into a fantasy world which has no place in reality. But ladies, don’t squeal too fast, boys are unfortunately lured too, by manipulative b*tches who have no self-respect and willingly show their private parts because, *ding ding ding*, social networks have allowed hormonal teenage girls to expose their insecure butts on the web in exchange for some insincere, sugar-coated words from 60-year old perverts with an airbrushed Justin Bieber picture.

But the most annoying ones are those who actually fall in love.


You don’t get married to Times New Roman love messages in your Facebook chatbox. You don’t hold hands with Pusheen emoticons, or cuddle with statuses that show “What’s on your mind?” today. I’ve encountered, more than once, people who stupidly fall in love with other people on the net. Thing is, the intensity of feelings depends on the person, but it doesn’t limit its risks. Once you set your eyes on someone in the virtual world, your mind becomes wild with imagination, filling the blank spaces that do not explain fully who is the person you have a crush on. It is in human nature to favour the most pleasant side of someone, let’s face it, the less you know about the person, the more you can invent or interpret the type of person he/she is. Thus, making you believe that the person is perfect for you. That he/she is ‘The One’.

Whereas in ‘real life’, where physical things do matter, people stop being cowards if they want to achieve something, they strive to get to know the person, they know how they act, how they walk, how they talk, how they smell, and most importantly, how they act towards other people than you. On the internet it is too easy to create a new identity and make people believe what you want them to believe. You hide behind your keyboard, luring yourself into thinking that virtual relationships are a legitimate alternative that allow you to stay a pathetic coward unwilling to grow up and be an adult who would consider relationships as between two people, not two social networking accounts.

People complain about how our highly acclaimed ‘modern world’ has transformed into that self-serving, egocentric materialistic era whereby human beings are less human, and computers learn to be human (Ex: SIRI). We are moving away from what makes us human: physical human contact. While some say that social networks have allowed for a more flexible, varied network of connection, I say it isn’t without its banes. We shouldn’t overlook its effect on us on the sole reason that “it’s life”.

Social relationships are becoming increasingly superficial and neglected. We become mere recipients of messages and information, lacking the warmth and care human contact had always been giving. It is grotesque how people nowadays believe that a real relationship can be built on mere virtual interaction. If you pair it with real life experiences it is fine, but basing yourself on virtual chit-chats to build a strong relationship? Good luck sweetheart.


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