Humans’ need for love.

Humans’ need for love.

As a little girl I dreamed of true love, that a fairy-tale like prince charming would pick me up in his arms and declare me his love forever. As I grew up this idea developed in a need, that later on I realized, rooted from an ever growing insecurity. Then, I reached a stage where I stopped believing in love altogether, actually considering engaging in casual relationships where feelings were not necessary. But it’s not me. And I know most people are the same. I mean, since they seem to not find ‘The One’, they end up losing hope, and thus settle for less, the comfortable, the stable. But it’s not how we should do it. I agree that sometimes love, true love, may seem overrated but when you get a hold of it, when you feel it and are able to live it to the depths of your soul, you feel complete, like the fusion of someone else’s soul with yours. Nowadays we have been conditioned into fitting society’s demands and rules. But at what price? At some point in my life I thought, why do people insist on finding someone else? can’t they be satisfied with who they are? There is art, knowledge, wealth, fun, nature, and life. All of it should be largely enough to fill someone’s life. But then I realized that all of these mean nothing, if you do not have someone to share it with.


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